36. Knowing

This week's episode #36 - dabbles in the art form of "knowing." We "know" this for sure - you can know ABOUT some one, but really knowing them intimately and personally, takes on a whole new dimension. Jeff and Sue hope to entertain you with the thought that they may actually learn something about each other (during this episode!). And the greatest take-a-way, is relationship - with each other and especially with Jesus... Are you in the "knowing"?


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35. The Wrong Rx

Taking the right meds for the right reasons? I hope so. Here's a slap happy look at what happened when a Facebook post went crazy over taking the wrong meds -- and the consequences! Ironically, though, Elijah also needed some good Rx counsel, when it would have been easier to just ignore it.. Good for the soul and body.

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Rx For 2021 (BONUS)

We're giving the "boot" literally to 2020. Kicking in the new year with some positive vibes and hopeful encouragement, regardless of the circumstances! You probably need this episode more than you think!" (Jeff's gonna get letters!) But as in Duffield style, we hope you'll laugh out loud and be grateful for this new year - to start over again. And Jeff will help you load your dishwasher too.

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33. 'Tween Week

It's a rant; it's a tangent - but I'm seriously questioning (with tongue in cheek) why we've lost the passion and dreamy calmness of the REAL Christmas week. You'll laugh, but you may also go "hmmmm", because you know some of this IS true. Merry Christmas starts Christmas DAY! The last Suebiqutious Podcast episode for 2020. 'Tween Week!

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32. Miracles at Christmas

Being mindful that miracles can't always be explained, it's always a good thing to tell them anyway. Christmas is a season of divine miracles, and most of them are surprising. Let's take the journey of ten one hundred dollar bills, a lost earring found, a trampoline and a snow-covered mountain that had no road, to name a few. Merry Christmas!

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31. December Weddings

Not realizing it, but there are three generations of December weddings now in our family! And there sure are crazy memories regarding them.. Some could be true; some could be just rumors - but all create a heart-felt flashback to romance, frolic and hope for the future in December.

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30. The Christmas Tree's Last Stand

Take this nostalgic journey of "Dancing with the Christmas Tree Stands", on behalf of the Beatty and Duffield families... Just in time  and just a little opinionated, but this episode 30 won't disappoint. You'll even "sense" the tension in some of the bantering, between Sue and Jeff. No editing; no screening; no filtering - and surely no learning. Just craziness!

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29. Brush With Fame

From Bruce Willis to Boots Randolph to Kareem Abdul Jabar - this episode is a fun look at all the "brushes" we had with fame. Some really cool people, in fact! Household names or not, it's still a great conversation starter, when you're tired of political opinions and heated discussions! Just start talking about famous people, and watch how the conversation takes a crazy turn.

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28. Don't Mess With The Turkey

If you think you're in the middle of an "Everybody Loves Raymond" show, you're almost right! Sue and Jeff take the memory of Thanksgivings and recall the food basics verses the new fancies! Jeff's mother, was indeed Marie Barone.

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27. Wayne's World

The stories are vast and wide, and we probably don't know half of them, but we were so gifted to have had Wayne Duffield in our lives. Listen to both Sue and Jeff talk about their favorite moments with their brother. We knew he was special, and the older we get, the more we know just how special he was!

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26. Count Your Blessings

The littlest of insignificant blessings, end up being the greatest joy! The everyday conveniences can go unnoticed - but not today! From baking parchment paper, to the travel version of a back scratcher - you'll see how the simpler things can make your day!

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Feeling Presidential?

Can we stump the "Jeffster" (co-host, Jeff Duffield) with 5th grade level Presidential trivia? We'll soon find out today! Consider this episode to be a GREAT distraction to the otherwise intense political drama of this day. We'll just call it "mindless intervention!" What a country! LOL!

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24. Recording Studio Bloopers & Beyond

After over 50 years of recording studio stories, we just had to make sure at LEAST one episode is dedicated to this craziness. Sue Duffield, and her counter-part, Jeff Duffield, have sure had some weird recording antics! 

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23. Word Police

The banter begins with palindromes, semordlinap and aibohphobia. Confused yet? Oh, you just wait till you hear this! Sue believes herself to be a recreational linguistic, while Jeff takes the broad road of black and white, and gets totally confused by it all! Suebiquitous at her best! LOL!

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22. Stink Bug-ology

Sue gets pretty intense around here about her history with stink bugs, but stay close - because you'll love how she turns it around to build your faith! It's probably a major Jesus-juke, but it works! Don't stink it up!

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