161. That Costco Miracle

This episode is the unexpected follow up to the previous episode 160, capturing the full emotion, surprise and prophetic way that only God could orchestrate in the lives of the Duffields. The Yamaha Piano Company and Costco are just the role players in this long-time, deeply tucked away grand piano dream for Sue Duffield and her husband, Jeff. But it takes a whole lot more than a dream, it takes a great deal of money to purchase such a musical instrument like this brand new Yamaha Baby Grand. And there in lies the miracle..

Sue's hope is that as you listen to this progressive journey of unexpected blessing, that you too will capture the essence and diligence of seeing God through when you have a deeply hidden desire in your life. The best quote of this episode is: "It's a joy for me (Sue) to see your (Jeff) dream come true." And this is as it should be in all believers, because it's imperative for your health and well-being to always celebrate the mountaintop experiences in others. Then, sit back and see how God opens doors for you. The supernatural influx of blessing as you bless others, has no limit. 


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160. Faith To Believe

Faith is an extremely powerful force. And without it, we can't even begin to please God. It's purely impossible according to Hebrews 11:6. And since we're living in these crazy, challenging and even urgent times, most of us are in desperate need of an all access pass to faith. It's not surprising too, that faith without works is dead. Seriously, dead.

This episode begins with host Sue Duffield's surprising exposure to a Yamaha grand piano sale in Costco, none the less! This isn't her first time having a Holy Ghost inspired moment in a box store, but it surely will go down as another one of her sacred moments with this phenomenon called "dreams" as it defines her unique moments.

Take the time to really dream; give to others like you've never given before, and then sit back and watch what God does. This is a progressing story, happening in real time... And it's not over yet.

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159. Pre Approval is Everything!

A pre-approval before purchasing a home will give you an idea of the loan amount that you can afford. It's necessary to get a mortgage pre-approval prior to selecting or even thinking about a particular property.
SO, ask host Sue Duffield, how she knows all this, and she'll tell you - it’s been one intense experience after another. The details of purchasing a home, in this economy, let alone being self-employed, is the challenge. Then, as proven just the other day, there are some debts that need to be paid before all this show-down can happen. And the irony is, some of the debt that was created, which isn’t collassal, has different account numbers, which when getting online to confirm your accounts, some of the numbers don’t match up with the lender's numbers stated in the requirements! 
Talk about details! It’s a real test of faith with all this. But when proven to stay thankful and grateful throughout the entire process, with gratitude towards the banks, the underwriters and the lenders to all stay in sync until closing day, well let's just say - boy howdie - that’ll preach!
God wants to be intimately involved in your life. Every detail, till that official "Closing Day!"

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158. A Barrel Of Monkeys

Sometimes God gives us a barrel of obnoxious, tricky and annoying monkeys. He watches what we do with them. This barrel could be a tough marriage, raising a difficult toddler, a stress producing job, terminal sickness, addictions, or physical or mental illnesses. There are a lot of assorted barrels out there, and that's no easy game.

Sue Duffield's mother was the master "Barrel of Monkeys" toy game winner! She’d kill it, with her precision and ease of scooping up the monkeys one by one, saying, “Don’t ever let a monkey drop; keep your eyes on the very last monkey - watching to grip the next one, and so on…” she’d say. 

The comical yet sincere challenge in this episode is to come out of the chaos and into God's order who spoke the world into existence. Find rest in Him from the anxieties and stresses and throw out the weight that those aggrivating barrel of monkeys produce!


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157. John Stange: The Compassionate Influencer

There aren't too many John Stanges around. They just don't exist. Now, John would say, "Well, that's a good thing, LOL!", but most who know him know that this world would be even MORE enhanced and blessed in just about every publishing, virtual-producing, podcasting and platform-creating outreach - if there WERE MORE just like him.

Host, Sue Duffield, recalls the first time meeting this young leader as far back as the Pocono Bible Camp days, remembering just how special John was and is to this day. What an entertaining, enjoyable, informative and connecting conversation this episode is.. Take notes.

John holds degrees in Bible, Education, and Counseling, is a certified speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team, and serves as the Lead Pastor of Core Creek Community Church in Langhorne, PA. John is also an adjunct professor at Cairn University, where he teaches courses on church planting, theology, and counseling, and he serves as the Director of the National Mission Board which is a ministry that is focused on church planting and church health.

John hosts four podcasts, "The Chapter-A-Day Audio Bible," “Daily Devotions with Pastor John,” "Dwell on These Things," and "Platform Launchers." At present, his shows have been downloaded over 8 million times by listeners throughout the world. John's books are focused on spiritual growth, leadership, marriage and the practical and applicational aspects of following Jesus. He recently signed with Penguin Random House to publish his latest book “Dwell on These Things” which was released on May 25, 2021. 

John has been married to Andrea since 1998 and they have been blessed with four children.



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156. The Tempe Brown Story

A jazz singer, entertainer, writer and artist discovers the lordship of Jesus as a result of reading a hotel-placed Gideon Bible and it literally changes her world within an instant. This is just the beginning of an extraordinary life and career when God uses a vessel like Tempe Brown. 

Host, Sue Duffield has known Tempe for well over forty years and she'll quickly tell you - Tempe's influence and inspiration has had a major impact on her own speaking and singing. This episode is such a fun and interactive dialogue between two Holy Spirit-driven women who know no obstacle in sharing Jesus. Tempe has authored several books and recorded studio albums, while also a regional speaker/trainer for Stonecroft Ministries (www.stonecroft.org), guiding women to live out their extraordinary purpose and calling. 






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155. Just Talk It Out

  1. How to talk to people who don't think like you.
  2. How to love people who don't think like you.
  3. How to engage in conversation without making it about YOU...

These are the "how to's" that are most needed in today's culture. Sue Duffield gathers talking points for being a better listener and not just someone who has to get their opinions heard. What would happen if you took this summer to spend time with those who don't look like you, act like you or believe like you? 

Go ahead - just talk it out, and see what happens. The greatest gift we can give each other is to just listen, and listen long, and then maybe, when the time comes, talk it out.

Words are the only real force of either connection or disconnection that we have. And THE WORD, the word of God - is a power that supersedes any words that we may have.

“Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you, but do it with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15b-16a)



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154. I'm A Misfit

Do you ever feel like you just don't fit in sometimes? Join the crowd. Many that Sue Duffield has either interviewed or casually started conversations with, seem to say, "At times, I just don't feel like I fit in, kinda like I'm a misfit or something!"

Join a candid and honest episode on why being a "misfit" isn't such a bad thing. Feeling maybe a tad out of step with the status quo of those around you? Feeling isolated, even lonely—like you're a square peg trying futilely to fit into a round hole? Well it's not surprising especially when outright-people-oriented extroverts seem to be more capable of fitting in with almost anybody (you know, the pretty people, the driven, the successful; the ones who get the most attention..). But at an event Sue Duffield attended, she watched how all were accepted; all were greeted kindly; all were deeply respected and all, no matter their looks, attire, their ability to communicate or respond and react socially, experienced a complete safe zone for any of us who call themselves misfits. 


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Let Summer Begin!

"Dear summer, I love you.
You have given me weeks at the Jersey shore as a kid , endless dinners on the grill, pool dates with friends, scattered flip flops everywhere, bonfires by the lake, Mr. Softee treat truck, and so much more. You have nursed my broken heart more than once through the years with gifts of sunshine and ice cream. Each year, you come back again to help me write another incredible story. Thank you."  P.S. Dear summer, you’re my absolute favorite, but don’t tell the other seasons..

Host, Sue Duffield, makes a vow to once again spend another summer in gratitude and worship. This is a time to feel the heavenly warmth on our face and revel in the beauty that surrounds us. Relax, have fun, celebrate, and abide in gratitude for the blessings that surround. Matthew 24:32 says, "Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its branches become tender and sprout leaves, you know that summer is near." Here are ways, mentioned in this episode, to make the most of your summer by consuming both refreshing fruits AND walking each day WITH the fruit of the Spirit.


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152. The Psalms Will Calm

Here's an episode with notes for this year’s "Ladies Only Retreat" in Twin Pines, PA. It's a study in the book of Psalms, highlighting each session with definitive passages of prophecies while dissecting each line and phrase. Sue Duffield takes a good look and lesson on what it means to pray the psalms. And as a project, she teaches women to re-write a psalm or two, in their own words, with their own sentiments and language. It's a significantly spiritual process to unfold some of the “not-so-popular” psalms by discovering how they apply to each one of us in the current world we live.

Who wrote the Psalms? And where is Jesus in all of it? Good questions to ask, and especially a good reason to discover how deeply woven the Son of God is IN the entire book. What does it mean, "He restores my soul"? Well, let's find out as we take on this journey online during this episode. The Psalms will calm.


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151. Influencer OR Influenza?

Influencers often inspire or guide the actions of others by posting about something (such as a consumer product or service) that they use or endorse based on brand partnerships. And today's episode is a sure shot response to Sue Duffield's recent "Effector" award of Top Influencer, but what she initially read was "Influenza!"

The most all-inclusive definition of an influencer is a person who has the ability to influence others. So, a politician making a speech, a business expert leading a seminar, and a celebrity endorsing a product are all technically influencers, and yes even pastors, singers and keynote speakers.

An infectious personality, like Sue, may know a lot, but an individual still needs the ability to advocate, sell and drum up enthusiasm. Influencers normally have high engagement rates with their audience (in person or on-line), taking on a hands-on approach with their people, showing great care, and always looking to serve their needs to better understand them.

So, just how important is it to be an effective influencer for the Kingdom's sake? Everything. Let Jesus shine SO much in your life that you're infectious and that you get reports of your influence - from all generations.


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150. Josh Singletary

An "off stage", reflective and honest nterview with no real direction or pre-programmed questions, makes this episode so enjoyable. Host, Sue Duffield, sits in her closet studio outside Nashville, while Josh Singletary opens his mic in his own music room across town - and away they go, with barely an edit! Very funny. Very emotional. And very real..

To those who are new to Josh Singletary, here's what you didn't know you needed to know: He's the red-headed, bow-tie wearin' baritone singer with Southern Gospel Music's Award-winning Tribute Quartet; a piano player extraordinaire; a lover of great classic comedians like Red Skelton; a stage presence so inclusive, you'll feel like he's been your best friend for years; a truly amazing communicator and producer; and a comedic talent with a vulnerable approach so deep, he probably doesn't even know how good he is. 

To quote John C. Maxwell, "Everyone communicates but few connect", Josh Singletary has masted the art of connection with his love for Jesus and his music, and it's just plain fun to see how he weaves it all together.




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149. Bend My Heart

How in the world could that heavy metal door just bend and mold itself around the stationary telephone pole with amazing ease? This question answered, plus a whole lot of levity and spiritual honesty, comes at the expense of a crazy car mishap and that telephone pole. That not-so-euphoric experience was a conversation piece for some time until Jeff Duffield, Sue's husband, had his own "come-to-Jesus-meeting" with a vehicle and a container pole at an ice cream stand. But that's another story...

One of Sue's favorite song's lyric says, "Move me with Your message once again, and bend my heart once more around the tree..." (written by Brandt Gillespie)

(Bend my heart once more around the tree? What could that mean?) 
Here's a few interpretations, talked about on this episode:

 1. Mold my heart around the cross, the stationary immovable depiction of a painful, gruesome method of execution? How strange..

2. Take my most prized life-sustaining organ and exchange it for God's act of love in Christ's sacrifice? How weird is that??

3. Better yet, live each day with a "cross" impression on my heart, much like a piece of metal bending around a telephone pole?? Sounds somewhat foolish..

Sue Duffield believes it makes perfect sense to those who, for the Kingdom's sake, desire hearts that are bent over backwards, forwards, sideways or whatever it takes, to make a "God impression" in this world.

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”
1 Corinthians 1:18-19


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148. Overcoming Compassion Fatigue with Dr. Don Lichi

Sue Duffield's guest, Donald A. Lichi, PhD is a licensed psychologist, serving as Vice President of Emerge Counseling Ministries in Akron, OH. Don gives such great wisdom when it comes to listening, serving and even recovering from compassion fatigue. This epsiode was recorded soon after the news of the Covenant School shooting and  devastation here in Nashville, so his heart is both tender, compassionate and hopeful for those familes who will forever be in a stage of recovery and healing. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Lichi has taught as adjunct professor with Trinity International University (IL), the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS), the Asia Theological Center (Singapore), and All Nations Theological Seminary (Malawi, Africa). He also taught for six years in the graduate school at the University of Akron. He was in private practice for over five years, taught school, and directed a school-based counseling program for six years. While in the United States Air Force, he served for three years in Italy and three years in Alaska. He has been a speaker at numerous conferences and workshops on pastoral health, Christian education, parenting, marriage, and family issues. He has published several articles on Christian mental health, and is the co-author of the book, Broken Windows of the Soul (Moody Press).

Recent ministry has taken him to India, Brazil, Thailand, Ecuador, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Romania, China, Malaysia, Russia, Hungary, Nicaragua, and Singapore. Currently, he serves on the pastoral teaching team of the Akron Chinese Christian Church and the board of Emmanuel Christian Academy, which ministers to “at risk” children in the inner city of Akron, OH.

Best of all, he is married to Marcie and they have three adult children and eight grandchildren.




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147. Whatcha Cookin'?

Sheep don't eat fish, that we're aware of. But "Feed My Sheep", makes one wonder - what DO they eat, and what does that mean from a scriptural context?

This narrative of an episode starts with the disciples of Jesus having another encounter with the risen Lord. This time He breaks into their everyday world and turns it upside down. They realize that they can't even go fishing without the help of the Lord. Jesus, now, the RISEN Lord, says something that will forever change how we view life on the other side of the cross. He says to Peter, “Feed my sheep.”

Everything changes. Peter knows there's no going back. He'll never be able to "fish" in the same way again.

Then enter "The Waffle House", and how a modern day approach to hearing the voice of God can even happen in a favorite fastfood breakfast spot!

When we choose to dwell on God’s light and truth, our souls can overflow with the comfort of being guided by God (see Psalm 43:3). Talk about a FEAST! When we choose to live close to God’s heart, we overflow with delight and joy (see verse 4). So, “Whatcha Cookin now??” If you are submerged in pain, sorrow, despair or confusion, maybe you need to give your soul a good talking to.



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