Fall 2019

The Fall challenge of 2019 - sharing, laughing and encouraging, never ever grows old. It goes way beyond the music, the humor, and what happens on stages or platforms. >> Performers, singers, speakers, preachers, communicators, connectors broadcasters -- let's ALL take on the urgency of being nothing more than a loudspeaker filled with the anointing of the gospel. That is MY mission; that is the call. Bring it on! 
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Valued Highly

What’s your net worth? I guaran-darn-tee you—your earthly assets will never determine your value. God’s formal promise assures us in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially the healing of a broken heart. That’s His promise of quality and durability; the assurance of intrinsic value is placed upon you. You are His prized possession. #embracethis #youarevalued #heseesyou #undone #lent #fast


The Slightest Things

Out of the mouths of those who soon realize, there’s more to life, comes the greatest disappointment: Fame and fortune does not bring happiness. In my journey of downsizing and minimalist living, I’ve also been under conviction, that I can do more.....with less. How I approach new opportunities of speaking, writing books and making music is also being tested and tried. Minimalism is not a radical life style. It forces you to think about what’s really important. What I put on my merchandise table at my events, is even under deep scrutiny. What do women/men really need? What is the truth as to why I sell my books and music? We recently “test-marketed” a concept that gave our audiences a chance to freely take my book and CDs. No price tag. No minimum payment. Take them even if you have no money; give them away. Ironically, people handed us more money as an offering or donation, than what we would have charged for each item. Doubled. It’s the “value system” at work. Is what I have to offer in ministry, a value to the listener? I hope so. And maybe because the Duffields are living minimally, people take notice.... taking note too that the more we value time with our family, friends and churches around the globe — instead of things — the more effective we can be. It translates. It takes a major form of vulnerability to present yourself in ministry as only needing what God provides. But I’m there. “And My God will provide ALL my needs according to His riches in glory.” I recently had two Columbia jackets stolen. Gone. And I found a way to stay warm with another coat that I had in the back of the closet. I’m content with that one.