130. Three Amigas! Debra Talley, Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly & Sue Duffield

(Simulcast from the "Aging Angst and Alleluias Podcast" Episode 20)

Since Sue Duffield produces several podcasts, she had a fun idea to "merge" two episodes that have an abundance of hope, laughter and joy for the season. Listen and laugh as Debra Talley (Gospel Music's sweetest and smoothest alto - ever) and Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly (founder and director of the Veranda Ministries in Gallatin, TN - a ministry of caregiving for those with dementia) tackle some of life's most pressing issues on aging. This quick and honest friendship between these three has evolved during the most critical of times. Just as loneliness can hurt our health, friendships can actually improve it in far-reaching (and sometimes surprising) ways. Studies have found that bonding with friends can strengthen the immune system. It helps us recover quickly from illness, lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, and sharpen memory. And since Mary Anne's hope is to keep the connection of friendship open and honest, it's not a surprise that both Debra and Sue agree - it can also improve their odds of living longer, so Mary Anne can take care of both of them! LOL. 

But by far the greatest and funniest aspect of this very episode is the unscripted ending, when they attempt to sing "Silent Night", with the delay of WiFi and network. It's a scream and one for the books!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 "A Christmas To Remember" Benefit Concert and Auction at Three Oaks Church, Gallatin, TN 5pm featuring Tribute Quartet, Angie Primm, Lauren Talley, Gene McDonald, Riley Harrison Clark, Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly and Jeff and Sue Duffield




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129. You Look Mah-velous!

Three things happen here: (1) What you think of you, (2) what others think of you, and (3) what God thinks of you. This is an episode focusing on the biblical viewpoint on the body. Culture dictates to us something completely different, and the truth is - it always has. We are wonderfully made according to Psalms 139:14-15, and for all that can be imperfect about the created order and even about our physical appearance, the human body - divine as it is - is an amazing miracle. So, why do we still struggle when we look into a mirror? There's a culture script and especially our own insecurity self-talk that keeps us distracted, defeated, and even addicted to our looks. It's pretty much the enemy's plan to make you feel less than.

Imagine how miraculous the conception and birth of children must have seemed in Old Testament times without ultrasound or scientific understanding. The whole process was captured in mystery and wonder. But even with technological advances and our ability to peer inside the womb, it is still an absolute miracle the way that a child is formed. Beautiful, amazing, and worshipful are words that come to mind when a baby is born into the world. It is sincerely a declaration that God is real, life is a gift, and that we are wonderfully made.


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128. Clips from the Communicators Collective Retreat!

There's no way Sue Duffield could interview ALL the amazing women who attended this year's #CommunicatorsCollectiveRetreat, but the casualness of just walking around the Convention Center in Myrtle Beach and catching these usually predictable women in an off-the-cuff moment was just plain priceless. Sue shares an extremely humbled attitude, to be invited to this exclusive event (as a podcaster and influencer) but even more moved and challenged by these exceptional creatives who worship God in their own incredible way. Carol Kent couldn't have been more timely and on-point with her resilient messages.

Listen to be inspired and challenged while having a great laugh during this episode! Thanks to Angela Donadio and her vision to see such a "collective" of crazies come together! Oh, the stories that will be told over and over and over as we all navigate and steward this trailblazing future. Only God could do this. Only. God.


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127. Jesus Face

Sue Duffield's journey of never meeting a stranger has given her some of her greatest material in her comedic world. Carrying the countenance of the Holy Spirit on your face and in your body language is the definition of a true follower of Christ. But sometimes, there's not a lot of joy on the inside that can translate to the outside with most people. It's like you can really stand out in the crowd if you have any kind of positve energy vibe at all.

Here's a fun and hopefully inspirational episode about just that - being a beacon of God's Light to a unique time in our world. Do you have a Jesus face? Hope so.



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126. Fandom!

The diehard sports family Duffield, has some funny ideals and loyalties. Is there a difference between being a true-blue fan and a follower? Well, Jeff and Sue Duffield will try and answer that during this episode. With the epic end-of-season run by MLB's surprising post-season Phillies, it will surely be a journey to behold in these next few days. Being a follower and not just a fan, will prove itself when this team (or your favorite pass time) disappoints. Hoping for a great outcome, this World Series 2022 has some real wildness about it. How they're able to contain the euphorias at this point, is beyond comprehension.

Now, all those fair weathered fans (disciples of Jesus) soon BECAME followers after the resurrection! But when they thought everything was absolutely falling apart, when they thought Jesus was going to die and that would be the end of the story, they simply gave up. No loyalty and no commitment; which eventually they did gain back (and took that loyalty and commitment to the point of death themselves) AFTER they saw the resurrected Yeshua. 

How deep is your Fandom with Christ?


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125. Losing While Gaining Your Life Back with Angela Coon

Here's a story of one exceptional woman, who worked very hard at ministry endeavors, but struggled with her health like a prisoner in her own body. There's no doubt that the cultural stigma and belief about food, dieting and ideal body size hit us from all sides. But Angela Coon's story will give you such hope, that you can do it - if and when you're ready.

Seeing the results of what Angela has overcome, doesn't just stop with her. Her passion now is to help others get back to health by learning superior food discipline, fueling our bodies and encouraging all of us to get moving, drink more water, eat super food and become all we can be in Christ. 

Angela is a pastor's wife, mentor, team leader, speaker and former director of Calvary Dover's pageants and seasonal programs.

To contact Angela: uniquelyhis@comcast.net


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124. Wasting Time

Ephesians 5:15-17 "So, then, be careful how you live. Do not be unwise but wise, making the best use of your time because the times are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is."

Colossians 4:5 "Behave wisely toward outsiders, making the best use of your time."

Hopefully, this episode is NOT a waste of YOUR time. Sue Duffield pretty much puts herself through the ringer each week to make sure that is NOT a reality. She doesn't want to waste your time; in fact her desire is for you to kick it into high gear, since these earthly days are ticking away and are only the appetizer of things to come.

Wasting time is epidemic. But here are a few guidelines and tips to keep us all from falling for that trap. We are made for so much better. Time should never be wasted.

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123. Friends & Grandmothers

They both agree - of all the accolades and accomplishments they've had in the past, their greatest desire is to be "great" grandmothers! Sue Duffield and her special guest (and best friend!) is Rev. Dr. Dawn Vagle. You'll feel like this is more of a simple dialogue between two friends, than an informative "how to" episode. And it was specifically intended to be just that - simple!

Grandmothering has been something they both looked forward to, not realizing how much energy, time and emotion comes with it all. But be encouraged today, that even with the stories told here, there's a deep treasure in knowing God has gifted them with a "David and Jonathan" friendship.



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122. Things I Didn't Know

Maybe it's a good thing that we don't know a lot about the lives we've affected or influenced. But when you find out that a young person started their faith journey simply because you were part of a team of Jesus People mis-fits back in the 70s, it can be quite humbling.

This episode reflects how even the work of Dr. Seuss and "Green Eggs and Ham" can challenge the Christian into breaking out of their norm. Things that maybe you didn't know, like, "do green eggs and ham really taste good?" Possibly, according to Sam-I-Am. We don't know until we try them.

Be challenged today, according to Isaiah 43, "Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. I am about to do a new thing.."

And back in 1974, Sue Duffield had no idea and didn't know how her life would make an impact. There are just some things you don't know about that new thing.


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121. ENCORE Episode with Evie!

There's only one Evie Karlsson. One. And for all of us who are huge fans of her music and her testimony, you will not be disappointed in the heart of this amazing woman. This is an encore broadcast from earlier in 2022; highlighting some of the best of the Suebiquitous Podcast year.

Her world-wide fame never overwhelmed her. Evie is as real as it gets. Sue and Evie not only share their Jersey history, but a friendship that has gone on for decades. Her mother, Inge, recently passed since the recording of this episode, but we know that Inge is dancing in the presence of the Lord!



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120. Revisiting the Dave Clark Episode!

In a previous episode here on the Suebiquitous Podcast, Jeff and I featured Dave Clark, a Nashville award-winning songwriter and musician. Of course, that's my description of him, as he'd never say it like that! But revisiting this ENCORE episode this week, I was once again thankful for this new friend and his heart to leave a legacy for his children. In a town filled with fluff, finance and frivolity (when it comes to writing songs), it's no wonder that Dave Clark stands out above many. Dave writes "thinking songs." HE'S the one who should be living in a castle somewhere on a Tennessee hill, but he's content to write the songs that the supposed castle-dwellers inhabit. I admire his word-smith ways, but especially love his heart for a GOOD story. Keep writing, Dave - the world needs your troubadour-ish ways.




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119. Tell Them Your Story

We have stories to tell. Lots of stories. And our generation is responsible to pass along those stories to our grandchildren. This episode gives guidelines and even creative ways to share you story with the younger ones. It's imperative that they know where they came from and it's a healthy thing for children to know the back stories of days gone by.

Joel 1:3
"Tell your children about it in the years to come, and let your children tell their children. Pass the story down from generation to generation."

There’s no need to wait until a special day or event to amaze and entertain grandchildren with stories of not only your past, but of their past, too. Children of all ages are fascinated by family history. As they should.

Tell them your story.



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118. Deanna Shrodes' Miraculous Story

Deanna Shrodes, first of all, is my friend. But she has a list of major accomplishments - a singer, an author, and completing her Master in Leadership and Doctorate in Ministry from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. She serves in ministry alongside her husband of 35 years, Larry, who pastors Celebration Church in Tampa. She also is director of Women’s Ministries for the Peninsular Florida District of the AG, where she leads teams supporting women’s ministry in churches, plus special events. 

A decade ago, Deanna prayed specifically for the Holy Spirit to reveal the name of her biological father. During several prayer times, she strongly sensed God telling her the name: "Gus." 

You will be greatly inspired by this episode! 


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117. Summer's End

August is never long enough for me.. I LOVE the last month of summer SO much. But soon it will be over and then we're on to Fall. What are the "fruits" of summer? Well, they're very synonomous with the fruits of the Spirit too. Let's never be without them.

Sue Duffield, your host here, will never let up on how important special summer days are in our seasonal journey of life. And those special days may also include the difficult ones too. I will always say, "Summer, you are my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.”

"Summer's End" by Sue, has all the passion and strength to muster the faith to keep going and welcome a new season. “The seasons may change, but our good and loving Father in Heaven does not.”


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116. Super Sue!

Being a super woman is being supernatural according to the reality in Christ. All that we become through him by putting ON the good stuff, God has already provided through the knowledge of His LIVING Word.

Why it takes most of us such a long time to realize that we are "super" in the kingdom of God, I don't know. But instead of asking God for super human strength to stay ALIVE in the toughest of times, ask for God-like trust and super-sized faith to THRIVE!

This episode discusses three unknowns in scripture - Aksah, Sheerah and Serah (Serach). Super women, for sure. And also, the story of Anne Beatty, my grandmother.


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