Social Media Rx

As with every celebration and posting of your personal blessings— and sharing both the wonderful and difficult things that happened throughout 2017 — my genetic wiring and calling also says we must do SO much more with this gift called #socialmedia.
My heart says: (to all of us)
1️⃣Think thoroughly before you post anything; especially as a believer.
2️⃣ Fun, encouraging and engaging posts attract more attention than preachy, braggadocio ones.
3️⃣ Respond and be sensitive to those who don’t do Facebook well. More than likely, they’re not doing life well either.
5️⃣ (A strong word for Christians) You’d be better off to give social media a hiatus or rest if your witness is only about you, your gifts, your ministry, your world. As I’ve stated several times — the secret to open doors is finding ways to help others. #HappyNewYear #Getgoodatthis


Jen Stillwater said...

Thank you Sue,,, wow.. Some days, I almost think that social media has all but killed most "ministries".. LiveStream also has given us a "glimpse" into some of the worst churches in the world. I feel like, after watching some of their services - "who would even be attracted to that? who would even want to go??" So while it has been a great tool, it's also been a detriment to some who are so self-absorbed..


Sue Duffield said...

Boy and howdy -yes, Jen... I'm seeing it al the time.... It reveals your true nature - after a while.