A dream on canvas

I should have written about this sooner, but life just grabs the minute hand of the clock and yanks it forward faster and faster, it seems. Well anyway, about two years ago following my mother's death, I had a vivid dream about her in a field of tall green grass. She was wearing pink, her favorite color. I was in the dream too somewhere, wearing yellow. I even saw Annie and she was wearing blue. It was a technicolor dream of major proportion and I thought about it for days after. I said nothing to no one. For Christmas that year, Annie was busily creating a present for me. She was painting something on canvas. I didn't see it until Christmas day. When I opened the package and saw with my eyes the tangible dream from a month before - now on canvas - I was stunned and speechless. This is the painting. All I can say is, God knew very much how to get my attention. I still think about it. What would be your interpretation? I believe it was a divine intervention (again), reminding me of the green growing days of my mother's life. I still feel the effect of her seeds planted. I too want to grow in grace everyday. And God used Annie to paint it 30 days after my dream. True. She also included the scripture, Jeremiah 29:11, one of my favorites.


Sharon said...

Hey Sue,
Where ya been? You've been missed in the Assembly of God Blogging community!

Hope to see you back soon!

Sue Duffield said...

I don't think I went anywhere.... but you never know!