48. Smelly Chat, Smelly Chat

Just like Lisa Kudrow's (Phoebe Buffay, from "Friends") famous song "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat", comes the challenge of how we can either stink up a room - or be the fragrance of Christ! Packed with "laugh-out-loud" moments, this episode promises to make you think twice about the power of smell. Here's the "Smelly Chat!"


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47. Gatekeepers NEEDED!

If God has called you, then you need to know how to protect that calling. Join the Duffields for this special episode - talking about the lost art of gatekeeping. There's nothing greater than protecting and guarding your greatest treasure. Lots of references too, to the gatekeepers responsibilities in the Old Testament. And this isn't a bad thing to think about especially in our current culture. A gatekeeper protects, informs and understands the WHOLE of ministry. Starts out fun, but ends serious... We got a job to do!

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46. The Two Greatest Words

Linguistic ramifications from the last several decades, will be the topic of discussion here. Slang terms and phrases are now more integrated into our language than ever before, and what a fun way to look at it! Then, we eventually get to Paul and his words to the church at Ephesus, and the rest, as they say - is history. "BUT GOD" will make you see things in a different light. Groovy, man. DUDE! Knarly! DYNOMITE!

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45. Devotions, Distractions and Detours

Today's episode is blatant, brash and biblically bold - in typical Suebiquitous fashion. Although this time, Sue will submerge herself in the healing aspects of distractions and detours and how to prevent them from destroying our devotion(s). Some preaching' too, which was inevitable. Always hopeful, entertaining - but Holy Spirit-filled!



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#44 A Loud Silent Voice

This episode #44 features the return of Suebiquitous herself (Sue Duffield) after three weeks of silence. The aftermath of recovering from an esophageal problem and damage to her vocal chords, has been funny and inspirational at times! You'll enjoy this in-depth scriptural application as well as the typical side-bar antics of both Sue and Jeff Duffield! "A Loud Silent Voice"

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43. A Conversation with Jeff Pearles

Meet one of the best guys in the world - gospel singer, songwriter and funny storyteller - Mr. Jeff Pearles from Nashville, TN. You will love this candid and open conversation between two good friends, Jeff & Jeff! Something tells us, this won't be the last time he's on the Suebiquitous Podcast.

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42. True Crimes Week

Crimes of possessions? Crimes of the heart? Who's at war with your soul, trying to deceive you? Hear this and MORE on today's episode #42 with host Jeff Duffield and special guest, Tami Stevens. Tami is a world-changer for the gospel, using her gift of singing, speaking and being a super great Bible teacher. For more info on Tami's ministry - check out. www.stevensfamilymusic.com and for more info on the Suebiquitous Podcast and ministry - www.sueduffield.com

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41. A Vision Of Provision

This episode is a vulnerable and real look at how God has provided during one of the strangest times in our history. It's good though, to look back and take a visit with our great grandparents in how they survived. This story today may not be the most entertaining of the episodes, but we promise it will encourage you to trust God for everything.

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40. Couch To Kitchen Concert Encore

This is the very first musical concert that is broadcast on the Suebiquitous Podcast. This Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE performance of the Duffields for Valentine's week, features some classics, oldies and sacred songs. We had such a great response on the video world-wide, so we thought we'd release the audio as well! Enjoy. www.sueduffield.com

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39. Happy Value-Times Day

There's a whole lot more to Valentine's Day than just expensive gifts and romance! Trust them, they know! This week's episode brings out the best (and worst) in the Duffields and their view on how the value of Valentines Day isn't always in the presents. Some funny reflections too, of past Cupid Days, and of course, there's always the "Jesus juke" - to make sure they stay in line. That's the pure value. www.sueduffield.com

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38. Touch And Slide To Unlock

Sue and Jeff know this for sure -- no one, if they came back from the 50s, could even comprehend the digital technology of today. We're having fun with this episode, especially when an 18 month old has greater tech sense than their grandparents! See if you agree!


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37. The Next Man Up Might Be YOU!

Who would know that being the "next man up", might just mean that you are more than qualified and ready for the task than you thought?! Join us for some fun and biblical strident conversation about being "chosen" and what that means. Jeff had to be ready when the organist died, and Sue had to be ready when the morning show host never showed up! Whew..

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36. Knowing

This week's episode #36 - dabbles in the art form of "knowing." We "know" this for sure - you can know ABOUT some one, but really knowing them intimately and personally, takes on a whole new dimension. Jeff and Sue hope to entertain you with the thought that they may actually learn something about each other (during this episode!). And the greatest take-a-way, is relationship - with each other and especially with Jesus... Are you in the "knowing"?


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35. The Wrong Rx

Taking the right meds for the right reasons? I hope so. Here's a slap happy look at what happened when a Facebook post went crazy over taking the wrong meds -- and the consequences! Ironically, though, Elijah also needed some good Rx counsel, when it would have been easier to just ignore it.. Good for the soul and body.

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Rx For 2021 (BONUS)

We're giving the "boot" literally to 2020. Kicking in the new year with some positive vibes and hopeful encouragement, regardless of the circumstances! You probably need this episode more than you think!" (Jeff's gonna get letters!) But as in Duffield style, we hope you'll laugh out loud and be grateful for this new year - to start over again. And Jeff will help you load your dishwasher too.

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