A Gray Area

Volume 6, Number 1

My husband’s hair is that 50-ish pretty pure white. He started graying prematurely when he was just a teenager in high school. I don’t think about it much (and he says he doesn’t either, unless he looks into a mirror), but when I do think about it, I’m amazed how men look so handsome with graying white hair—much more so than most women. The male skin tone appears to transform to accept this gradual process of color change, and most men who gray early look seasoned and attractive.

But let’s talk about women for a second. How is it that when we see a woman with gray hair, we’re more apt to say, “Goodness, she’s aging fast” or, “I wonder why she doesn’t color her hair?” Even worse, “She looks so much older than her husband.” Aaghhh! A few of my gal friends look stunning with pure white and gray locks. But as for me, I still choose to cover this mousy gray, as mine isn’t a totality of color. It’s the dreaded “yellow salt & dingy pepper” style, but nobody knows that just yet. A few weeks ago as we were discussing age, haircuts and style, I noticed in my husband’s hairline about a dozen strands of black. I yelled, “Look at that! You still have a small little patch of black hair right here!” He laughed out loud and said, “Ah, yes, a remnant of an earlier time!”

Remember the days of Sun-In®? The miraculous ingredients (bleach and peroxide) could turn you from brown to blonde in one beach setting. Truth is, it blitzed my hair to flaming orange-red with brown roots.

Every Easter and Christmas in our little Assembly of God church in New Jersey, an elderly lady would visit who had pink hair. She did not intend on having pink hair, I don’t believe. In the 60s, I don’t think she walked into her hair parlor and said, “Make it pink.” I think the combination of chemicals, mixes, and her body’s own biology turned her gray hair pink! This always caused my brother and I to chuckle and snicker. One day, we saw the woman walk by as we sat in the church parking lot. I said out loud, “Yup, it’s Easter Sunday, alright!”

But gray hair is making a big splash right now! It’s becoming quite fashionable! Various magazine shows featuring famous women who have given up the hassle of keeping up with their roots are saying, “The silver spirit is alive and well!” I haven’t taken the plunge just yet, but I’m closer to it than ever!

A few hair-raising realities:

1. Transitioning to gray can be tough, but take your time and possibly start with a shorter cut to “smooth” the gradual growing out process.
2. Get a professional to help you balance your skin tone and makeup, keeping the vibrancy of your face the real focus.
3. Many new products are available that will keep your gray gorgeous and silver.
4. Going gray is chic! A fun website to check out is: www.goinggraylookinggreat.com.

No gray areas here:

“Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness!” (Proverbs 16:31, NIV).

“Even to your old age I am He, and even to white hair with age will I carry you. I have made, and I will bear; yes, I will carry and will save you” (Isaiah 46:4, Amplified Bible).

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