Ms. Cellaneous

Diverse. Broad-minded. Uncatagorized. Out of the Box. Extraneous. Supplemental. Outlier. Beyond the norm.

If the words and phrases resonate, you're probably walking outside the lines of expectation and familiarity. I welcome you with open arms! You're well on your way to shocking the "boxed" world. You know, the world that's convinced itself that everything must be labeled; and card-cataloging people, even.

I recently had a media expert tell me, "Sue, we don't know quite where to put your music in our rotation. You're not southern gospel and not really contemporary either. You are a blend of jazz, big band and adult easy listening, but there's not really a format for that in Christian music. I think we'll just call you "Miscellaneous".

I guess that's better than being called "misappropriate" or "mistaken" or "misaligned"! All I know is, this "Ms. Cellaneous" is very happy to not have an industry designation. I am thrilled to walk the tiny road off the beaten path. I'm not in a hurry. It's not a race. I laugh when my friend called me a "37 year overnight" success! She's right, but not in the mainstream way you might think. The best decision I ever made was to follow Christ and turn my badges, trophies, accolades, and blue ribbons over to him. He's the only category I've ever needed.

May I suggest to you - rejoice in your diversity! Rejoice that you don't march to the beat of the so-called acceptable drum! Celebrate your uniqueness in Christ! There's nobody like you.


Anonymous said...

Love it Sue and in case I forgot to tell you, sure did enjoy you and Jeff at Marlowe A/G!!! Also heard some good comments from some who had never heard you before!! You & Jeff are real blessings from God! Please don't ever lose that!
Love & Prayers,
Dottie Darby aka "Chicadee" LOL

Ann Downing said...

"Misaligned"...I think that's me...and now I'm glad!!!! :). Thanks, Sue.....AnnD

Pam M. said...

Oh, I just loved this. My whole life I've marched to a completely different drum beat...actually, I think I've been in an entirely different marching band from my family, friends and peers!

Thanks, Sue. You made me smile!

Pam M.

Sue Duffield said...

And sometimes "mis-interpreted" too! :) But that's OK... Love you all!

sharon brobst said...

I love you!! "Mis-Interpreted?" Oh yeah!I totally get that one! :-)