The Leaves Know

The Dogwood tree is flaming red. The oak trees are shimmering gold. The Bradford Pear trees are an eye-popping burnt orange. The Buttonwood trees are showing off their soft yellow/green hue. The Magnolia tree seems quite content at staying rusty brown....for now. I'm always taken by how October displays change with such colorful diversity and creativity.
In life (other than trees), changing times aren't always so positively breath-taking or colorful. But even so, Daniel 2:19 reminds me that the mystery was given to Daniel in a vision. Daniel blessed the God of heaven, saying, "Blessed be the name of God, forever and ever. He knows all, does all: He changes the seasons and guides history..." It's good to know that when the leaves change, it's God's signature design - reminding us that He remains to be the Master Artist. And this isn't just for the trees. This is for me.


Anonymous said...

Sue dear,
What a great analogy! God rules over all.Thanks sharing this wonderful thought.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture and reminder of God's blessing.