Drive By Devotion #14 "She's Just SO Loud!"

And if the SWA jet DOES drop me from the sky
 out of the plane onto my house, 
I'm sure my neighbors would say, 
"Lord. She's just SO loud!"


Pam Manners said...

Oh, Sue! This was truly a joy to listen to. I'm forever being accused of being TOO LOUD! As is my darling 16 yr. old daughter. Whenever I read, in 1 Peter 3, about how a gentle and QUIET spirit is precious to God, I just shake my head and wonder when THAT'S gonna happen for both of us!

However, this Drive By Devotion gives me hope. Thanks, my dear. :)

Blessings (loud ones),

Sue Duffield said...

Hallelujah! We are sisters! :) Yes, I am LOUD, and will be probably til I die! It's OK. God is not offended by loudness...!