My iPad's an iPhad

Since getting my prized beloved iPad 2 this past summer, I notice something. It's a discovery about me. And it's quite disturbing, actually. But the truth is I'm glad I caught it when I did.

Here's my confession. I'm not nearly as creative, innovative or productive using my new iPad as I was when using my laptop computer or journal. I've come to a couple of conclusions as to why my iPad sucked me dry:
  • iPads are great for reading books, surfing the net and keeping up with social media, but not much for really really writing.
  • Keeping notes on the Pages App has been OK but for the longterm writing of a book or manuscript, it's quite fatiguing for me. (I know - I need a Bluetooth keyboard or something..)
  • It's an exceptional device. Smart, like they say. But it's not a stand-alone-computer.
  • Editing personal videos? Forget it.
  • Taking pictures? I look like a goober holding up a Vintage Kodak Box Camera. Or worse, it's like holding up a file cabinet.
  • Extraordinarily convenient and great for using when speaking my messages, using my soundtracks, etc. but that's purely because I use my laptop to create and set up my iPad to do all of that!
I notice that since August, I barely write, journal or do any videos. I take tons of pictures but not with my iPad. I do that with my iPhone.

I was beginning to get down on myself and even wondered if I was tired, depressed or just in a season of blank writer's block despair. 

Then the awakening happens. I jump up and down! I figure it out! 
I dust off my seven year old MacBook, as limited as it is, and type this post!

I'm not deplete, dead or deactivated. I'm just in a catatonic viewing-mode-only of iPad-land!

And thankfully it's only January 1st. This discovery just saved me a ton of money in self-help recovery books, jump-start devotionals and a stint with a coach or therapist. And imagine this - All this rhetoric your reading today could have been prevented if I just would have re-read last year's New Year's Resolution from Sue Duffield's custom recycled ®Ecosystem journal. Using a ®Bic pen, she writes this: "Write more. In your own handwriting... Use less technology." 

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Krisa said...

Good for you Sue Duffield!!!