109 Dr. Linda Mintle, "We Need to Talk"

Sue Duffield chats with "new" friend (but they've known about each other for years), Dr. Linda Mintle, and brings to light that conflict isn't bad - it's just how we deal with it. "We Need to Talk", one of Dr. Linda's latest books, is the discussion today. She is a bestselling author with 20 book titles to her credit, a radio host of the Dr. Linda Mintle Show, professor, national speaker, winner of the Mom’s Choice Award, a national news consultant and featured writer for Beliefnet. 

It is rare that a trained academic who speaks passionately to the heart of people providing real answers to real life problems is so relatable. And leave it to Sue to draw that out even more on this episode! They get "tawking", since Sue is a Jersey girl - all the while Dr. Linda’s cerebrally funny personality and expertise comes through whether she’s helping her audience stress less or laugh a lot when she shares how a student once called her Dr. "Mental!" Priceless.

For more info on this "Relationship Doctor", get on www.drlindamintle.com


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