120. Revisiting the Dave Clark Episode!

In a previous episode here on the Suebiquitous Podcast, Jeff and I featured Dave Clark, a Nashville award-winning songwriter and musician. Of course, that's my description of him, as he'd never say it like that! But revisiting this ENCORE episode this week, I was once again thankful for this new friend and his heart to leave a legacy for his children. In a town filled with fluff, finance and frivolity (when it comes to writing songs), it's no wonder that Dave Clark stands out above many. Dave writes "thinking songs." HE'S the one who should be living in a castle somewhere on a Tennessee hill, but he's content to write the songs that the supposed castle-dwellers inhabit. I admire his word-smith ways, but especially love his heart for a GOOD story. Keep writing, Dave - the world needs your troubadour-ish ways.




Check out this episode!

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