154. I'm A Misfit

Do you ever feel like you just don't fit in sometimes? Join the crowd. Many that Sue Duffield has either interviewed or casually started conversations with, seem to say, "At times, I just don't feel like I fit in, kinda like I'm a misfit or something!"

Join a candid and honest episode on why being a "misfit" isn't such a bad thing. Feeling maybe a tad out of step with the status quo of those around you? Feeling isolated, even lonely—like you're a square peg trying futilely to fit into a round hole? Well it's not surprising especially when outright-people-oriented extroverts seem to be more capable of fitting in with almost anybody (you know, the pretty people, the driven, the successful; the ones who get the most attention..). But at an event Sue Duffield attended, she watched how all were accepted; all were greeted kindly; all were deeply respected and all, no matter their looks, attire, their ability to communicate or respond and react socially, experienced a complete safe zone for any of us who call themselves misfits. 


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