158. A Barrel Of Monkeys

Sometimes God gives us a barrel of obnoxious, tricky and annoying monkeys. He watches what we do with them. This barrel could be a tough marriage, raising a difficult toddler, a stress producing job, terminal sickness, addictions, or physical or mental illnesses. There are a lot of assorted barrels out there, and that's no easy game.

Sue Duffield's mother was the master "Barrel of Monkeys" toy game winner! She’d kill it, with her precision and ease of scooping up the monkeys one by one, saying, “Don’t ever let a monkey drop; keep your eyes on the very last monkey - watching to grip the next one, and so on…” she’d say. 

The comical yet sincere challenge in this episode is to come out of the chaos and into God's order who spoke the world into existence. Find rest in Him from the anxieties and stresses and throw out the weight that those aggrivating barrel of monkeys produce!


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