Does anybody really read this stuff?

It's hard to know these days, if anyone at all "really" pays attention or takes the time to read someone's posting or blog or whatever.  Who cares, right?  I agree.  But every once in a while you happen upon someone's journal or daily entry, and the expansive world we live in - suddenly becomes like a big backyard.  And the "person" you're connecting with, feels like your next door neighbor or the gal you grew up with.  Anyway, I find it refreshing (most times!) to re-connect with lost friends, fans, and people I knew - from a different era.  So, as you read this - be sure and tell me how you are, what you're doing, and where you're going!  Be blessed today.


Liz Collins said...

Sue, I'm really looking forward to meeting you and hearing you sing and speak at the Women's Retreat in the end of March in Harrisburg. I've really enjoyed reading your "blogs" and relate so much to many things you've shared here; especially how we are more attacked when we publicly spread the word of Jesus Christ. Satan must know we are going to go great places for Christ on earth and he just never stops trying to knock us down and uses everything he can to do it. Story of my life. It's all written in my songs as well. I am doing the music on Saturday at this retreat and presently lead a praise and worship team at Hatboro Community Methodist Church. I also have a Christian Rock Band on the side. My website is www.heavenboundmusiconline.com. Once again, I'm looking forward to being taught and inspired by you and fellowshipping in the body of Christ with my "sisters".
Onward Christian Soliders, marching as we go, with the cross of Jesus going on before....
Love in Christ,
Liz Collins

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, It is me Gloria Schiernbeck we talked at Hammonton A/G on Sunday Mey 4th. First just wanted to tell you again how much Lance and I enjoy your ministry. We are very glad to have the chance to visit with you and Jeff if only for a very short time. I am truly enjoying the music we bought that day. God has truly blessed you both with amazing talent your music makes people happy. People are blessed when they have the opportunity to sit under your ministry of music and humor. In closing I just want you to know that I have been praying for David your son as promised. Will continue to do so until God does a work in his life, brings him back to where he belongs, In the precious arms of Jesus. Who knows your son our daughter maybe God has a plan. Anway my e-mail address is glo3550@hotmail.com. If you get a little time in your busy scedule you can e-mail me back. Till then may God bless you at all times. Travel safely under the protective arms of God. Gloria