If you get the flu - rest!

I don't usually complain, nor am I sick a lot - but this time around, I gotta tell you - I'm so ready to be over this cough and flu junk! For the first time in decades, we had to cancel a concert because I had no voice. Staying in bed and watching TV is so depressing too. I mean, we have SO many channels to choose from and so little quality of programming. I do like to watch TV Land and The Beverly Hillbillies. That is quality television. Oprah is OK and Rachel Ray is fun. I've also had the "privilege" of viewing all the current political circus on the news networks. I really don't have a clue who I'll vote for. Being sick makes one negative, so for me - the last two weeks have been a "glass half empty" routine and Hillary is losing her appeal. But then in the midst of it all, I get amazing news from the doctor concerning my blood. Seems I had a showing of an anti-body that was attacking some good cells. Not good. BUT the best part is (after praying and asking God for healing) the anti-body is gone two weeks later! No trace. So what are the lessons here? Don't complain. Stay in bed when sick. Watch The Beverly Hillbillies for therapy. Ignore the political jargon. And never ever give up on prayer! 

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annie said...

I'm glad that you still have that picture! Haha!