It's nice when kindness is returned.

I had one of those weeks that no matter how I tried to do good things - stuff hit the fan.  If I was to tell you it was only one episode, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad.  But it was exchange after exchange - phone call after phone call - and email after email - all making me wonder why I just didn't shut the computer off, silence the cell phone, and hide.  Everything seemed whacky to me!  Maybe it's the effect of the "spring forward" ritual; maybe I lost the hour of power by skipping ahead!  Anyway, I was better off getting on my knees (literally) and praying for the people that mean the most to me, because there was a sure guarantee that I'd be saying or doing something stupid or wrong and causing a stir.  Then, as if God must have known I needed a break from my random acts of dumbness, I got a call from my bank.  The call was to inform me that my "lost" VISA card had been recovered and someone called it in.  My lost VISA card?  Gosh - I didn't even know it was lost!  (Well that's not totally true - I noticed it was gone about the same time I got the call, about 18 hours later.)  Can you believe some wonderful person took the time to call the bank to tell them that they found the card?  I was moved.  In the midst of feeling sorry for myself, a good samaritan returned a kind gesture and I was the recipient of something gracious.  They had no idea who I was.  In this picture, earlier this week I was "singing" to the ceiling at the Sandy Cove "Selective Memory Getaway" - but I think what I was really doing was thanking God for his future protection, amidst my "anything but midas" touch of the week!

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