All in ONE month!!

Three amazing things have happened this crazy month of August. For one, Elena Delle Donne, the Delaware basketball standout and number one in the country - ironically called the "LeBron James of women's basketball", has left UConn - and decided to stay home. And it is true - she's going to play volleyball (of all things) for U of DE this freshman year. Says she's burnt out playing basketball. This voids her scholarship totally. I guess in time we'll find out the real reason why she came home. I was so looking forward to watching her play and beat the tar out of Pat Summit. Oh well... THEN - Joe Biden accepts the VP candidate for the Democrats. Wow - big smilin' Joe! But the biggest news happened today - in Dayton, OH. John McCain announces that Sarah Palin, a basic unknown, is his pick for VP! I reserved judgement at first, until I could read about her credentials. The longer the day progressed, the more impressed I have become. Well, it's going to be a crazy fall, that is for sure.

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