Contributing writer to "The Final Quarter"

I was so blessed (and humbled) to write an excerpt in the long-awaited journal of Dave, Duane, & Neil - The Original Couriers, "THE FINAL QUARTER". My thanks to the editor for keeping my entire entry, with little edits. I have to say, it wasn't tough to "write", but it was risk-taking to be as vulnerable as I allowed myself to be. I believe I shared the truth with passion. These men have been longtime mentors, and indeed it's my time too, to pass the torch to a new generation. You can order your copy by logging onto www.daveduaneandneil.com. Believe it or not - I haven't got my copy yet! It's in the mail, they say! Other contributing authors include Dan Betzer, Duane Allen, Bill Gaither, and many others. I hope they sell a ton! May God continue to bless these anointed men, for many years to come!

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