Don't know quite yet how to process this incredible weekend, but I tell you - it was life changing!!! Three thousand women worshipping together and laughing together and crying together - it was truly amazing. I was so blessed with an incredible band and worship team, under the direction of my wonderful husband, Jeff. Also thanks to Wendi Miller, Jackie Benicky, Faith Lorman, Frank Portaro, Hank Rogers, and Mike McElravy - for making me sound good with their incredible musicianship and love for God. KAY ARTHUR's messages were timely and compelling. There is, according to my standards, NO BETTER BIBLE TEACHER than Kay Arthur!!! We had a brief window of opportunity to personally talk together, and I was so humbled by her words, "Sue - you are a "seasoned" worship leader. I like that." It was also great to meet Kate Gosselin from TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus 8", she was incredibly funny and candid - but also shared her testimony of her faith. Amazing. It was so amazing to re-connect with my "old" friend, SUE DODGE, after all these years. We immediately connected, as if we just saw each other yesterday! What many don't know is that when Sue left the Speer Family in 1974, Ben Speer asked me to join them to replace her. Hmmm... "A Sue to replace a Sue"!!! I (unbelievably) turned Ben Speer down - I probably was a dumb teenager back then. But, Sue Dodge candidly said, "You would have had to fill my shoes??? That's a tough act to follow!" We laughed. It's great to see how Sue and Amos Dodge's church in Virginia is just growing. I met so many wonderful women at WOP in Hershey. I so wished we could just hang around and talk to everyone. The hugs were great - the reunions were heart-felt and blessed. I had to leave quickly on Saturday and catch a flight to Grand Rapids for a women's event in Holland, MI. I drove by myself on the PA Turnpike, trying to reflect on the whirlwind of 24 hours I just experienced. I have to say that in all my years of ministry, this was the most rewarding. Lots and lots of hard work went into this event. I thank Ruth Puleo for allowing me to use my gifts and talents for our Creator. I felt very free to be "me" and let Jesus shine through. My email and Facebook box was filled today on this Monday, with treasures from some special women - expressing their sentiments on this weekend. May we all be changed forever! There's just something wonderful about catching a glimpse of what heaven could possibly look like one day!

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