The Table is Spread!

I have (ahead of me), the busiest and most rewarding speaking and singing schedule in 30 years! Many new venues; women's retreats, one night events, Girls' Night Out and Chocolate/Chuckles programs. I've been preparing for this tour for about 4 months, knowing that once it begins, there will be little time for anything else but prayer, rushing to the airport, and making sure I have my make-up and vitamins! This particular tour (the "LOL" Tour) I have prayed specifically for the women who will be attending. I feel like the most important thing I can do is ask for God's anointing and stamina! It guarantees to be hilarious and fun, but I pray even more that it'll be life changing for all of us. Many emails and Facebook/Twitter friends have already told me that they are bringing their girlfriends (who hate church!) to these events. The comedy is what does it - it brings 'em in! In need of a good belly laugh? You just might want to join us! And one of the session topics (at conferences and retreats) will be this: "Stop witnessing and just be a witness!" We are a witness, regardless of how effective or ineffective we are. That's the sobering part. I've had to do a redo of my own life recently...a self-examination of my walk vs. my talk. I worked recently with a young man at an educational conference. We spent several hours just talking about life. Finally, he made an intriguing statement; "You know, I don't much like Christians." And before I could think about my response, I blurted out: "Neither do I." We both laughed and from that point on, there was a connection. I heard his pain. I heard his disillusionment with religious people who say one thing, but live another. It wasn't long before he started with the "more important" questions, like: "Do you think I'm too old to date younger women?" and "Look over there, do you think she's attractive?" Once again, we laughed. He probably didn't know it at the time, but I was seeing and experiencing a transitional moment - the "safe" zone - a place where thoughts and feelings are shared and exchanged without judgment. He could have been my adult son. In fact, I felt like I was his mother by the time the event closed anyway! I came home thinking, "What does my face say? What would have happened (or not happened) in his initial statement, "I don't much like Christians..", if I would have defended or even responded piously or self righteous-like? Nothing probably, except for more damage to his hungered soul. When you're passionate about what you believe in, the "witness" is YOU - not words or pre-packaged churchy responses. I worked feverishly at that education conference, trying to be the hardest worker there in that resource center. I figure that you only get one shot most times, to make a significant impression.

I hope to see you on this LOL tour of 2010. Be sure to check out the dates and locations on my website. I would love to see you, so we can sing, dance, laugh and enjoy the God-feast together. Surprisingly enough, I still don't much like Christians either, but I sure do love Jesus and I LOVE you too, no matter what condition you are in!

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