Easter Sunday Resurrects Many Things

  • Reminds me of my mother's colorful bouffant hats, bigger than she ever was.
  • I close my eyes now and see my Great Grammy Allen and my family at the table at Peach Blo Manor Restaurant in Sewell, NJ. She'd pay for the whole bill - $20. 
  • A sometimes Sunday afternoon trip to Cape May
  • Hollowed chocolate eggs with jelly beans and Hershey Kisses inside.
  • Yellow Peeps that would go stale and I was glad!
  • My son David's first Easter basket. Just two years old he said, (and I have this on video) "Thanks mommy - you did a fine job."
  • My daughter Annie's pronouncement (at two years also) that she wanted pitty jesses for Easter. (pretty dresses)
  • Weber's Candy Store in Bridgeton. The famed one pound chocolate peanut butter egg that everyone would fight over. No one would confess who ate it all. Weber's is no longer in business.
  • Never quite able to get the egg coloring and dying process just right..
  • Jeff and I would raid the kids baskets after they'd go to bed.
  • The must-have-flower-for-me: Hyacinth
  • The Easter Musicals. The Dramas. The time when Jesus' triumphal entry down the church aisle went totally sour when the donkey started out too soon, sat down, then refused to move!
  • Our cat, for some reason, loved eating the fake green grass in the Easter basket. 
  • I never tire of hearing Annie Herring's song, "The Easter Song"
  • The photo shoot that seemed eternal, standing outside in our Easter outfits, capturing what would one day be memories and refections of a simpler time. We all wore hats. It was 1967. My mother's hat.......to this day......I laugh out loud. My brother Dave - dapper as always. Me? I was at the age where I was probably saying under my breath, "These stupid Easter bonnets are blocking the view of this great looking car!"
Jesus is resurrected and alive. There's no doubt. Along with the celebration and resurrection of HIS life and HIS role IN my life, comes everything else. As it should.


Sharon B said...

Have a blessed Easter dear one.

Marie Armenia said...

Love it. Great writing. Love you.