Fashion Forward!

As our bodies get older and the great shift of gravity begins its happy dance, it’s easy to become sensitive to some issues pertaining to today’s current clothing and fashion lines. Am I the only one who walks in and out of some “fashion forward” stores grumbling, Just who is this stuff made for? And what in the world are they thinking?” (I probably just answered my own question; they are thinking “in the world.”)

Even the names of some women’s clothing stores bother me. Though I won’t mention them here, let’s just say I’m a firm believer that the reason our earth suit starts sagging is because it’s returning to the ground! Also:

I would never dress in a barn.
I’d never wear a dress to a barn.
The last time I was in a barn, I saw cows.
‘Nuff said. There goes my chance for any sponsorship with some companies!

In 1971, when I was a skinny precocious teenager, I took my babysitting money to Shopper’s Fair in Wilmington, Delaware to buy something “mod.” Against my mother’s wishes, I bought a white mini skirt, white go-go boots and lime green fishnet stockings! Man, was I ever sportin’ a ‘tude that next Sunday morning in church! No one said a word except for Sister Humphries. She pulled me aside and said, “Honey, does Jesus know you’re wearing this outfit today?” I hesitated, you see, because the quick wit and my “not so wise” mouth was in the infancy stage. Then I responded, “Well, if He didn’t know before, He surely knows now!” Then I strutted on down the hallway to my Sunday School class, with my Bible and Sunday School paper in hand.

Going from go-go boots to walking sandals, my adult daughter now threatens me that she has submitted my name to TLC’s “What Not To Wear.” I fear that Stacy and Clinton may someday show up at my doorstep! But for today, I am oh-so-thankful that Jesus—His mercy, His grace, and His life—are never out of style! The gospel, pure and simple, has drastically changed lives for generations. He is yesterday, today, and forever!

Here are a few good tips to remember when thinking “Fashion Forward”:

If the size 12 fits, buy the size 14. People will think you’re losing weight!
If the shoe fits, buy at least three or four more pair.
Go through your closet and get rid of anything you haven’t worn in 5 years. Some fashion experts even say 2 years, but I am giving you a break!
When tempted to want to look and dress like your teen daughter, give it up!
And don’t be surprised, that as you get older, you just may start sounding like dear Sister Humphries!
Dress your best, for you and your body type. You deserve the best because of Corinthians 6:20: “. . . you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”

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