Kids Love To Tell The Story!

Art Linkletter made a fortune interviewing kids and telling their stories. Over the years, I have collected a few of my own. My Annie, as a toddler, went reluctantly into the church nursery. She wouldn’t cry or put up a fuss, but rather she would just leave my arms in a huff. A nursery worker told me about a time when Annie boosted her little body onto a table and announced with effervescence and pizzazz, “OK, everybody, my mommy and daddy are singing in big church today, and I’m in charge of this place.” She was 3 years old. A little boy, following his first Sunday School experience, came home with some amazing stories. As his mom quizzed him on what he learned that day, she became so impressed with his detail and specifics of Bible stories. “Yeah, Mommy, Daniel had real lions in the den and the lions didn’t even bite him! He prayed to God to protect him and God did!” Well, you can imagine the pride that this mom had for her 4-year-old, with all he learned that day. She continued, “Did you learn anything else?” He quickly responded, “Oh yeah, and Jesus killed the tooth fairy, too.” I spoke for a ladies’ night recently, where it was advertised that Sue Duffield, comedian, would be presenting a night of fun and inspiration. A mom leaving her young son with a sitter so she could attend, heard him yelling out the door, “Mommy, I don’t think it’s fair that only girls are allowed to go tonight! I wanna go hear the Canadian.” After an anointed Sunday morning service, where the Holy Spirit really moved in a supernatural way, I saw a young boy sitting quietly by himself. I walked over to him and sat down beside him and said, “Hi, honey, can I pray with you today?” He looked at me, backing away and said, “Yes ma’am, but you’ve got really, really bad breath!”

Kids! You Gotta Love ‘Em!

1. Don’t be embarrassed if your kids speak their mind or say something out of order. They will probably grow up to be great speakers or pastors some day!
2. Encourage the interaction and interviewing process of young children. You might be surprised at what they really know!
3. Tell stories to your children and grandchildren, including the funny ones! They will love you for it.
4. Remember the greatest storyteller was Jesus himself.

Oh, and one other addition (not on the National Laugh Lines site) - Yes, this is a photo of my kids, David (5) and Annie (4) with baby Cocker Spaniel, "Cocoa" back in 1990. Once they were both playing "Wizard of Oz", and threw poor little Cocoa out the first story window of our home, hoping that he would jump back up IN the window like Toto did with Dorothy. They also were known to tie him up and put him in the closet, much like a calf in a rodeo. Ironically, Cocoa survived the challenging toddler years of my kids and was an a amazing loyal furry friend!" David is now 25 and Annie is 24.

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