The 70s Sensibility Show!

Don and Candy's promo picture/poster was becoming a dust collector on top of the old Montgomery Ward refrigerator. When I pulled it down, I blew off the dust, coughed and laughed. Two 70s-style iconic characters, adorning frizzy perms, tinted aviator glasses - Don in an avocado green leisure suit and Candy in a pink paisley peasant dress. They were standing (in the photo) in front of a fireplace holding Shure 58 microphones in a Hollywood pose. Inscribed under the picture:
Coming to a town near you!

Don and Candy don't really exist. At least I don't think they do...

It was nothing more than a colorfully explicit dream...a very graphic one indeed, so much so that I did a real time sneeze!

So, who are Don and Candy? 
And why are they stuck in the 70s? 
And where did this dream come from?

I'll take a shot here and do some of my own interpreting.
LOVE the 70s.
LOVE the impact that era had on my forming of music, style and reference. But I also know I can't hold on to the total 70s philosophy anymore. Here's why:

  • If Richard Nixon apologized, the world would be different.
  • It takes more than a game of interlocking primates (Barrel of Monkeys) to test my patience.
  • My mood ring used to be a test of my disposition. My Facebook status and twitter updates tell all now.
  • Apple Jacks, famous for it's non-apple taste, takes a back seat to my yummy gluten-free rice cereal. 
  • I miss my "One Way" Living Bible but thankful for the Bible App on my iPhone.
  • Jaws reminds me more of those dental sponge props (that keep your mouth wide open) than a shark.
  • My ride of choice is a 2011 Ford Flex where once I cruised in a '73 Plymouth Gold Duster.

Duster. Dust! That's it! Now the dream sequence makes sense! I saw a restored Plymouth Gold Duster the other day and it obviously got my brain groovin', kickin' off the dust. Can you dig it? Far out.

An ABC After School Special couldn't impose more of an interruption to the blogging community here. "C'mon! Get back to your regular programming, Sue! I'm not in the mood for trivial stuff."

Okay. The mood ring is off. I'll take that into consideration on the next post. (Yo mama!....... Keep on truckin'....)

Jeremiah 2: 1-3 (paraphrase)
..You stayed with me through the wilderness years, stuck with me through all the hard places.

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