A Hat Check

I wear baseball caps, mostly. It's the tom-boy thing I never grow out of. (You probably already know that.) There are times I wish I could wear a big bonnet or a Kentucky Derby-like head ornament, but I chicken out.

Flo, Naomi and a gathering of other women decided to wear their best head attire to the Sunday service in the Marsing, Idaho Church of the Nazarene last Sunday. At first, I was taken back with this ancient millinery oddity. I felt like I was time-machined back to the year 1963, going to Easter Sunday church. Forgive my initial chuckle, but I had to eat those thoughts and snickers when Flo told me, "Sue, we all decided to wear hats today, in your and Ann Downing's honor. To us, you're from the south - and we are adorning our hats today, showing respect to you." 

I smiled. I gulped. I grinned. And I felt giggly and warm all over. I realized (again in life) -Take the time to find out the why, before you make any judgement. Ask questions, and be very amazed.

Another gal said, "Ann is from Mississippi, right? And you're from South Jersey, right? And you both live in Tennessee now, right? (yes) Well, we Idahoans were just turning on our inner southern charm. Now, let's go have some stuffed baked potatoes!"

So, I stuffed a potato in my mouth and enjoyed this warm and fuzzy hat (and heart) check.

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