Ben Vereen Could Be Gluten-Free!

Photo of Ben Vereen at the airport today!
What do Ben Vereen, gluten-free brownies along side gefelte fish in a can, Delta airline major delays, and hairy men with tank tops and dangling earrings have in common?

It means you've probably spent the day at Laguardia in New York. No other airport like it in the world, that's for sure. I've been here since 10:15 this morning. Several exchanges and rearranging, I won't be bound for Bangor, Maine until around 11pm.

The perks however are: (1) I'll now fly First Class to Maine from NYC on a flight that's only thirty minutes air time. (2) Using food vouchers for a super shrimp pasta dinner - although I still had to "fork" over some cash because I got the most expensive thing on the menu. (3) Sat next to actor/dancer Ben Vereen, but had no guts to ask for an autograph. Took a picture instead! {you gotta remember "Mayor Ben" from Zoobilee Zoo in the nineties!} (4) Got lots of administrative and email work done that I usually wait til last minute to do.

But the best perk is: (5) I shared with an older couple who sat at my dinner table, and told them how much I love what God is doing in the world. They looked puzzled. In fact, they asked several questions as to why the optimism.
Arlene said, "Everybody we talk to is always so down on the country, the world affairs, Afghanistan, economy, etc. it's nice to hear a young person share such hope."

She said "Young."
Sad to say, I think she's got a point. What would happen if every Christian in the world would (just for one day) express their hope, their passion, and their God-view with a relatively negative world? There's no telling what could happen. 

My exceptional poz feeling imagined Ben Vereen in a tank top, eating a gluten-free brownie, shouting out to me,
"Hey, see that gal over there - hand her a gefelte fish and a couple of new earrings! She must be somebody pretty special 'cause she's travelin' first class. Sad though, her plane is late!"

No, Ben, I'm nobody special. I just know the Man who IS first class and He's always on time. It's just Delta that's making me late. Don't leave now till 11:15pm. And I left my good earrings at home. Drat. 

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Karyn Harshbarger said...

Now that is a true test of a Christian- maintaining a positive attitude in LaGuardia. LOL I once read a quote in newsletter, "What would you have today if you only had the things you praised God for yesterday?"
So I praise and thank God for you-Sue!