Crown Her With Many Crowns!

I just spent a small fortune on my hair. Ironically, there's no real or definitive "wow" to worthy such a ridiculous sum of moolah. Oh, it feels great; the color is natural; about seven shades of light brown... the cut is nice. But I keep thinking about the mouths I could have fed with this outlandish expenditure on my coiffure. Man. It bugged me for days. Finally, I just said to myself, "Well, at least you feel badly. That's a good sign. And you'll never do that again, will you?" Nope.

I have a few friends losing their hair due to cancer treatments. They have NEVER looked more beautiful. Bald. Shiny. Bold. Stylish. Coping... Without walking in their brave shoes, I have no right to even try to comprehend their feelings of loss. But most assuredly tell me, "It's unnervingly freeing - to not worry about my hair anymore! There are many other issues that are worry-worthy and hair is the least of these!"

I agree. I pray diligently for my courageously gorgeous friends who have accepted their cancer challenge in stride. There ARE so many other things that are more "worry-worthy" than just what's happening folic-ly.

Survival. Joy. Connection. Living. Breathing.....to name a few.

So, as I read 1 Peter 5:4, "And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away...", it all makes more sense than ever.

The glory crown. On a head with or without hair. And the best part is it's not like modern hair color, dyes or pigments. This glory crown will never fade away. Trust me - this glory crown costs a whole lot more than a sitting in a salon chair. It's price-less.

But at the hand of the master-stylist, it's also free.

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