My Right Brain Argues With My Left Brain!

One of the great blessings of traveling and being with women as they orchestrate their events is: I see A LOT! I see incredible creativity and excitement, walking with a committee of women who are planning "their" special outreach. THIS is not a "one and done" process for me. This is walking WITH the committee and leaders, from the very beginning they call me to come and speak, share, humorize, sing, whatever! I LOVE this, because - being on both sides - I understand the needs of the venue, but also know the process it takes for a speaker/singer to be relevant to the group of women who will come.

The biggest dilemma for me personally is - pacing myself! To me, the event starts from the moment I land at the airport and from then on - it never ends! I love staying connected with many new women I meet each week, via Facebook, twitter or even texting back and forth. What a great way to follow up and encourage one another.

So, considering that I'm not a great steward of pacing myself physically, I battle the right brain/left brain thing. Kelly, from Port Jervis, asked me this past weekend, "So, are we going to go out after and party and have a girls lunch??" My right brain said, "YES!!! I'm SO THERE!" Then, my left brain spoke up and said, "hmmm,,, you better not! You still have another event yet, and you're gonna regret it......!"

Kelly's best line of the day, after I expressed the civil war going on in my head was, "Well Sue, when you decide among yourself, let me know!"

Nuff said! :)

Of course, I went!


sharon brobst said...

I love this!! This is SO me!

Sue Duffield said...

YES, Sharon - I'm thinking we're on the same page!!!! :)

www.uniquelyhis.net said...

Since being with people energizes you, you made the right decision! Now in another ten years, that's another story!

sharon brobst said...

I believe we are! :) what is really bad is when the arguing gets a bit too loud and others over hear! :~D

Kelly :) said...

And we did, eventually, have a girls lunch! That's where sue slayed me with crab cakes! LOL!
Love ya sue, can't wait till our paths smash together again! :D