What Happens to the RV?

Not the first time, nor will it be the last – for the Harold Camping contemporaries and their soothe-saying predictions/strange prophesies to make headlines. Think of it this way: Jesus empowered (according to Mark 5) 12 year old girls, crazy people and women with blood issues. (I believe I qualify! HA!) These were the people that He gave permission to speak of HIS miracles. I’m confident of this though – Harold Camping and his group would surely measure up in the “crazy people” department (predicting the end of the world Saturday, May 21st), and could be empowered to share truth. The problem is: They don’t know truth and wouldn’t know it if it fell on their heads. Don’t worry about it making a skid mark on Christianity. Like I said, it’s not the first and it surely isn’t the last. My brother-in-law worked on this Family Radio promo-wrapped "Judgment Day" motor home in NJ, valued at $300,000+. He had to drive it to Atlantic City. That was a bold move, just driving it. He said he had many scoffers and hand gestures come his way. After the world ends on Saturday, I told him to put my request in for ownership of it. We'll cash it in and send the money to Tuscaloosa. I hear they've already had a head start on their "end of the world" process...

Don't be deceived.

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