A Little Hollywood With Some Hallelujah!

The New York women got 
this thing down!
Sue Duffield leads the NYDAG Women In Ministry Retreat on team building, connection and fun by empowering them to create their own worship songs to their favorite TV or Broadway show theme...


Pam Manners said...

I don't know WHAT was funnier - watching and listening to these amazing women sing or hearing your laughter throughout this video. Whatever -- this whole thing was a HOOT! Only you, Sue. :)

The last group was my favorite -- especially the woman on the side, acting out the words.


Sue Duffield said...

I KNOW!!!!!! I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole recording! I tried really hard not to shake my iPhone, but boy - was that ever hard! Hilarious! Glad you enjoyed it! The gal at the end does NOT know sign language, so that's what made it even more funny!