The New Whine

I started walking in my fresh-out-of-the-box New Balance running shoes yesterday and realized, "It'll never work with these old socks."

Now the socks, mind you, aren't ALL that old. It's just that they've lost their elasticity and have a hole here and there, or something. As I briskly walk, the socks work their way down to the middle of my foot. Very comfy. (Yeah right..) Talk about irritating? It takes the total joy out of walking in new shoes. With every step, I complain and whine about the stupid socks.

It's very similar to the scriptures that say, "No one pours new wine in old wine skins".  No matter how up-to-date the methodology, technology or advancement of anything - you're still only as good as your least progressive tool. Today it's my socks that are holding me back...a little whine with the wine. This should be the 'new balance' - new wine? New skins. Period.

Tomorrow, it'll probably be my knees, but we'll leave that for another post... What's your new whine?

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