Take Time To Poofread

I consider myself quite the pompous proofreader. I'd gouge out my eyes first, before EVER letting something like a manuscript or paper get by without reading it fifty-seven times. I even pretend to be a teacher - buying red pens, circling my own mistakes, grading and writing in the columns, "You can DO much better than this!"
And yes, I will even correct you, given the chance. There is an edit button on each of your Facebook pages that, if you took the time to spell-check your posts, you could correct your own mistakes. Nah, why do that? Especially when you can just post (again), "Ooops, I meant to say or type,,, whatever..", boring us all half to death.

So enter the texting, typing, "I am lazy" editing world where it's quite common (and expected) to make grammatical mistakes or punch out mis-spelled words, or even worse -  the word you type is correctly spelled, but spell-check doesn't understand that it's not the right word for the sentence. (Or run-on sentences, like the previous one..) Say, like public vs. pubic. One little "L" separates these two words. Flirting with this could be a disaster, especially in a church bulletin or on power point. I'll leave it at that..

So, tonight, I'm poof-reading. Poof. Funny word. I like it. It's here one minute; gone the next. And here's poof:

  • My eyes deceive me. I think I type 2013, when indeed I type, 2103. There's poof.
  • I assume I'm making you laugh here, and I have no poof of that.
  • Double check not only what you type, but what you mean. Poof spoken.
  • Thank God every day that you don't get penalized for your grammar lack. Otherwise, it'd be like **poof**, and you'd be gone.
No your faults. And be sure to poofread, especially when your using the wrong words. I'm knot even going to go their, because I just get sew frustrated with people who don't take the time to poofread. Honestly, people, unless ewe take the thyme to evaluate you're own faults, please don't judge judy me or anyone else. Simply put: Poofread for yourself and be thankful that everybody makes mystics. I, for won, am proud that I know longer suffer from all of this.


a joyful noise said...

I am pretty good at proof reading, and I often use the spell check on Word. I was not aware of the edit button on Face Book, I will check that out. My mishap is when I do comments with no spell check. If I am not certain of a word, I copy and paste into word and then back again. Thanks for visiting my Post !!

Sue Duffield said...

Thanks, Hazel! Great comment... yes, we're both in the same boat! The edit button on Facebook has saved my life more than once!!! :)