I Think I Have Aibohphobia

Do you have Aibohphobia? (The fear of palindromes). If you do, here's your answer. Every word listed below can be read either way - forwards or backwards. They aren't the exact kind of palindrome we're used to, like "civic", "rotor" or even "aibohphobia". But what if words, spelled correctly both forward and backwards, two completely different words - together - share a definition? Hmmm. Let's see..

  • SMUT: What a person wants when they've been locked in a closet for having too much gas.
  • STRESSED: That anxious feeling as you trotted backwards, forgetting that you walked right by the chocolate cake.
  • SLIPUP: A condition that comes from going to an Optometrist rather than an Opthamologist
  • STINK: This happens when you don't wash your cotton socks.
  • LEON: That age-old Christmas Carol, sung by Mr. Redbone 
  • PEES: You don't want the accidental equivalent of either of these.
  • POTS: Those things Jeff Duffield never seems to find, so he remains halts in his tracks.
  • DENNIS: Pray for this man, because "...ALL have ______ and come short of the glory of God.
  • DOG: All GOD parents adopt your fury friend.
  • SERACS: The fear of a large freestanding ice column falling on you.
  • AIDAN: The names you pick out, in case your obstetrician is wrong
  • RATS: The word you say when you're late for the race to the sun.
  • SPAN: Your world, for some reason, is more palatial and broad, because you took a snooze.
  • FLOG: To personally promote your own "duffer" ways..
  • MOOD: If you have this, be careful, of what a bad one can do!
  • PACER: Someone who diligently knows the value of a summary
The word-police people will hate this post. However, the linguists and the teachers who teach the meanings of words will probably love it and come up with a few on their own.

Good night, all.  My TIMER went off so it's time for me to dispatch the sleep fairy and give her some payola.

Do you have any words, that when spelled backwards and forwards, need a new definition? I'd love to see what you come up with! :)

BTW, the Bible is FILLED with those regular kinds of palindromes, like:
Eve, Ada, Anna, Abba, Gog, Nun..

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