126. Fandom!

The diehard sports family Duffield, has some funny ideals and loyalties. Is there a difference between being a true-blue fan and a follower? Well, Jeff and Sue Duffield will try and answer that during this episode. With the epic end-of-season run by MLB's surprising post-season Phillies, it will surely be a journey to behold in these next few days. Being a follower and not just a fan, will prove itself when this team (or your favorite pass time) disappoints. Hoping for a great outcome, this World Series 2022 has some real wildness about it. How they're able to contain the euphorias at this point, is beyond comprehension.

Now, all those fair weathered fans (disciples of Jesus) soon BECAME followers after the resurrection! But when they thought everything was absolutely falling apart, when they thought Jesus was going to die and that would be the end of the story, they simply gave up. No loyalty and no commitment; which eventually they did gain back (and took that loyalty and commitment to the point of death themselves) AFTER they saw the resurrected Yeshua. 

How deep is your Fandom with Christ?


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