125. Losing While Gaining Your Life Back with Angela Coon

Here's a story of one exceptional woman, who worked very hard at ministry endeavors, but struggled with her health like a prisoner in her own body. There's no doubt that the cultural stigma and belief about food, dieting and ideal body size hit us from all sides. But Angela Coon's story will give you such hope, that you can do it - if and when you're ready.

Seeing the results of what Angela has overcome, doesn't just stop with her. Her passion now is to help others get back to health by learning superior food discipline, fueling our bodies and encouraging all of us to get moving, drink more water, eat super food and become all we can be in Christ. 

Angela is a pastor's wife, mentor, team leader, speaker and former director of Calvary Dover's pageants and seasonal programs.

To contact Angela: uniquelyhis@comcast.net


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