128. Clips from the Communicators Collective Retreat!

There's no way Sue Duffield could interview ALL the amazing women who attended this year's #CommunicatorsCollectiveRetreat, but the casualness of just walking around the Convention Center in Myrtle Beach and catching these usually predictable women in an off-the-cuff moment was just plain priceless. Sue shares an extremely humbled attitude, to be invited to this exclusive event (as a podcaster and influencer) but even more moved and challenged by these exceptional creatives who worship God in their own incredible way. Carol Kent couldn't have been more timely and on-point with her resilient messages.

Listen to be inspired and challenged while having a great laugh during this episode! Thanks to Angela Donadio and her vision to see such a "collective" of crazies come together! Oh, the stories that will be told over and over and over as we all navigate and steward this trailblazing future. Only God could do this. Only. God.


Check out this episode!

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