129. You Look Mah-velous!

Three things happen here: (1) What you think of you, (2) what others think of you, and (3) what God thinks of you. This is an episode focusing on the biblical viewpoint on the body. Culture dictates to us something completely different, and the truth is - it always has. We are wonderfully made according to Psalms 139:14-15, and for all that can be imperfect about the created order and even about our physical appearance, the human body - divine as it is - is an amazing miracle. So, why do we still struggle when we look into a mirror? There's a culture script and especially our own insecurity self-talk that keeps us distracted, defeated, and even addicted to our looks. It's pretty much the enemy's plan to make you feel less than.

Imagine how miraculous the conception and birth of children must have seemed in Old Testament times without ultrasound or scientific understanding. The whole process was captured in mystery and wonder. But even with technological advances and our ability to peer inside the womb, it is still an absolute miracle the way that a child is formed. Beautiful, amazing, and worshipful are words that come to mind when a baby is born into the world. It is sincerely a declaration that God is real, life is a gift, and that we are wonderfully made.


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