130. Three Amigas! Debra Talley, Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly & Sue Duffield

(Simulcast from the "Aging Angst and Alleluias Podcast" Episode 20)

Since Sue Duffield produces several podcasts, she had a fun idea to "merge" two episodes that have an abundance of hope, laughter and joy for the season. Listen and laugh as Debra Talley (Gospel Music's sweetest and smoothest alto - ever) and Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly (founder and director of the Veranda Ministries in Gallatin, TN - a ministry of caregiving for those with dementia) tackle some of life's most pressing issues on aging. This quick and honest friendship between these three has evolved during the most critical of times. Just as loneliness can hurt our health, friendships can actually improve it in far-reaching (and sometimes surprising) ways. Studies have found that bonding with friends can strengthen the immune system. It helps us recover quickly from illness, lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, and sharpen memory. And since Mary Anne's hope is to keep the connection of friendship open and honest, it's not a surprise that both Debra and Sue agree - it can also improve their odds of living longer, so Mary Anne can take care of both of them! LOL. 

But by far the greatest and funniest aspect of this very episode is the unscripted ending, when they attempt to sing "Silent Night", with the delay of WiFi and network. It's a scream and one for the books!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 "A Christmas To Remember" Benefit Concert and Auction at Three Oaks Church, Gallatin, TN 5pm featuring Tribute Quartet, Angie Primm, Lauren Talley, Gene McDonald, Riley Harrison Clark, Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly and Jeff and Sue Duffield




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