132. The Jeff Pearles Story

It's great to have Jeff Pearles return for a second time on this podcast! Jeff has had a stellar career in Gospel Music singing bass for the King's Heralds, appearing on many Gaither Homecoming videos, as well as a studio singer and voice-over talent for audio books and events. But all of that could have come to a screeching halt with his diagnosis of Covid-19 and double pneumonia. The truth is, Jeff almost died, and Linda (his wife) both battled a severe bought of serious lung problems as a result of Covid-19. When someone contracts COVID, the lungs get small and stiff, which explains why many experience shortness of breath and massive fatigue. His oxygen levels plummeted, while his heart rate tripled. The doctor gave very little hope to Jeff as he lay for three days in a hospital bed. However, Jeff began to pray that God would send someone to him that would show him hope. And literally, within hours, "hope" AND a miracle walked into that room.

This is a very personal testimony of God's unfailing intervention for a man who has dedicated his life to music and ministry. Jeff has started to share his healing story more open and often in his public performances with many positive responses. This is his first podcast interview with Sue Duffield, telling this amazing story of recovery.



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