133. The Christmas We Downsized

It doesn't take much these days to realize, we do SO much better with less. Downsizing Christmas seems to be a trend but it surely isn't new. Episode 133 will take you on a journey of counting and categorizing the amount of decorations you might have. Sue Duffield also remembers a time when cutting back on spending during the holidays wasn't so much as a choice but a necessity. But we all know the truth: creating memories and making special times for your loved ones doesn't always have to cost a fortune. With every cut-back, there's an opportunity to replace that void with something even more special. You'll love Sue's line in this episode, "downsizing Christmas, but upsizing the Gospel." You might want to write that down. Christmas should be a time of sharing our stories and and especially sharing our faith. Always always upsize that. So maybe downsize the clutter you don't need, but never forget to upsize Jesus to a world who hardly knows Him.


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