135. Merry Twixmas!

What's become of the week between Christmas Day and New Year's Day? To quote the Jimmy Webb song, recorded by Frank Sinatra, "Whatever Happened to Christmas?", it could be even worse than this...

Whatever happened to Christmas?
It's gone and left no traces
Whatever happened to the faces or the glow?
Whatever happened to Christmas
To the Christmas way of living?
Whatever happened to the giving
The magic in the snow?
Remember the sights and the smells and the sounds
And remember the cheery call
Remember how love was all around
Whatever happened to it all?
Whatever happened to Christmas?
The bells in the streets are ringing
Whatever happened to the singing?
The songs we used to know
Whatever happened to Christmas?
And when it disappeared from view
Where was I (where was I), and whatever happened to you?
(Whatever happened to Christmas) and you?

Sue Duffield takes you on a journey of faith on how to make that "tween" week many call "TWIXMAS" now, a time of reflection and preparation for the new year. It’s a good thing to hunger and it’s a good thing to “feel” the pain and joy of experincing or wanting something deeper. Be encouraged to go deeper; don’t just put away your Christmas decorations, and rush through the week.. take time to invest in your heart and soul and spend more time with Jesus, even if the people around you aren't all that interested. Make those goals and stick to them for 2023. Sue will be there right with you along the way!


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