136. The Patty Duke Flu

Long before podcasting was a thing, blogging took over the world. It’s both fun and sobering to go back on the internet search and find articles, blog posts and pieces that Sue Duffield has written over the years. Go ahead - we dare you - just google Sue Duffield blogspot, and you’ll get more that you’ll ever want or need! Now we're not saying that podcasting or vloging has taken over my medium of writing, but we will say that Sue doesn't do it quite as often as she used to.

Thirteen years ago, Sue wrote this post called “The Patty Duke Flu”, and since the new year gave her a bought of upper respiratory craziness, we thought it would be fun to revisit that blogpost, and maybe add a few spiritual and historical facts at the end. So, if you started off the new year feeling under the weather or suffering a serious illness, you surely will want to listen to this hopeful episode today.


Check out this episode!

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