139. Tea Bag Therapy

There's such a strong correlation between the healing properties of used tea bags and the healing balm mentioned in the scriptures. And what a fun way to present the gospel too, knowing that (1) tea bags are great for chapped lips, (2) puffy eyes, (3) reducing swelling while stopping the bleeding, and (4) to get rid of pungent odor. Think about that for a moment: In the Kingdom, God's Word has the power to keep our mouths clean and to keep them shut when they need to be shut; God's Word has the power to reduce the self-inflicted puffiness and the healing of spiritual wounds; and God's Word has the power to keep us from stinking it up!

Then Jesus walked up to him and asked a strange question, “Do you want to get well?” (John 5:6b) Answering that question takes a lot of guts, because if you really do want to get well, then you'll really need to follow Jesus. Tea Bag Therapy, if nothing more, will make you look at tea bags in a whole new light!


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