138. Hope You Have UNStar!

While taking a trip in a rental car, Sue accidentally pressed the "OnStar" button several times. She was eventually reprimanded by one of the OnStar associates, saying, "Ma'am, don't do that; do you think you're a superstar or something?"

From that experience came this episode, "How to be an UNStar". Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr's super hit, "You Don't Have to be A Star" is the setting of this post. What a super explanation of what it takes to really be a star in the Kingdom of God. For the performer who just can’t wait to be noticed, Jesus strongly urges (much like the lyrics to the song) to come as we are. He takes us in. We’re rejected, hurt, filled with jealousy, envy, and even succumbing to the comparison factor. But to HIM, we’re worth what we have within. No where is it stated in this pop hit, “You’re worth what you have because of what is on the outside.” So why do we work so hard on everything exterior, yet leave our insides deplete of maturity and spiritual hunger? BTW, spiritual hunger is a good thing.. Check what's inside your heart.

Have fun with this one. And take a quick look at how you represent Jesus. He's the only true star.


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