142. I Presume You Already Know This

With both levity and concern, this episode features the overwhelming ability we all have with presumption. Host, Sue Duffield shares "Tips to Remember Before Jumping to Conclusions."

1. Sometimes it is easy for tempers to flare in traffic. When something happens that catches you off guard, take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. Remember you are God’s child and want to be a good witness, even on the road.
2. Take 1 Corinthians 13 to heart, and remember that love:
* Is not arrogant or rude.
* Does not insist on its own way.
* Is not irritable or resentful.
3. Remember that love also believes the best about others. Don’t assume if someone makes you upset that they deliberately set out to do so.

 “Don’t jump to conclusions – there may be a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw.” – Proverbs 25:8, MSG 

From Charles Swindoll to Justin Beiber to Janel in that Grand Rapids Coffee Shop, this episode is packed full of biblical wisdom and insight as to why we continue to "assume" or "presume". The Suebiquitous Podcast is an extreme and honest step of faith in a virtual fake world. Anyone, at any time, can grab a microphone, load up an episode on the internet and call it a “faith podcast” when indeed they're living an alternative lifestyle, not even coherent with their own words. But Sue's hope and joy is to grow with you every single time we meet, and challenge you to take a grip of the gospel like never before. Make Jesus the Big Deal He is.

Thank you in advance for giving and sharing this podcast on your social media sites. www.sueduffield.com is the place to stay in touch, and since you now know Sue's heart even more, Jesus really loves you, and "I presume you already know this…"

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