143. Women Who Changed the World

March is Women’s History Month! This episode celebrates great women in history that have influenced Sue Duffield's life as a believer, a singer and minister of the gospel. Her mother and grandmothers set such a standard of faith. And then there was her mother-in-law who was an exceptional woman of faith, whose words and presence still hover over her.
The one thing that they all had in common was prayer. And in the world of honoring women that have done good deeds and have sacrificed much are women in Sue's history that have made prayer the most important thing.

This is a tribute to every praying woman. Do you ever wonder if God hears your prayers or if He listens to women at all? In the Bible, women have played an important role. Mothers who have raised God-fearing children who change the world as well as sisters stepping into dangerous jobs, help while working alongside female friends and neighbors who share God's love and make it their mission to pray and believe God for the impossible.

In every culture of these scripturally heroic women is the discipline of prayer.


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