147. Whatcha Cookin'?

Sheep don't eat fish, that we're aware of. But "Feed My Sheep", makes one wonder - what DO they eat, and what does that mean from a scriptural context?

This narrative of an episode starts with the disciples of Jesus having another encounter with the risen Lord. This time He breaks into their everyday world and turns it upside down. They realize that they can't even go fishing without the help of the Lord. Jesus, now, the RISEN Lord, says something that will forever change how we view life on the other side of the cross. He says to Peter, “Feed my sheep.”

Everything changes. Peter knows there's no going back. He'll never be able to "fish" in the same way again.

Then enter "The Waffle House", and how a modern day approach to hearing the voice of God can even happen in a favorite fastfood breakfast spot!

When we choose to dwell on God’s light and truth, our souls can overflow with the comfort of being guided by God (see Psalm 43:3). Talk about a FEAST! When we choose to live close to God’s heart, we overflow with delight and joy (see verse 4). So, “Whatcha Cookin now??” If you are submerged in pain, sorrow, despair or confusion, maybe you need to give your soul a good talking to.



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