152. The Psalms Will Calm

Here's an episode with notes for this year’s "Ladies Only Retreat" in Twin Pines, PA. It's a study in the book of Psalms, highlighting each session with definitive passages of prophecies while dissecting each line and phrase. Sue Duffield takes a good look and lesson on what it means to pray the psalms. And as a project, she teaches women to re-write a psalm or two, in their own words, with their own sentiments and language. It's a significantly spiritual process to unfold some of the “not-so-popular” psalms by discovering how they apply to each one of us in the current world we live.

Who wrote the Psalms? And where is Jesus in all of it? Good questions to ask, and especially a good reason to discover how deeply woven the Son of God is IN the entire book. What does it mean, "He restores my soul"? Well, let's find out as we take on this journey online during this episode. The Psalms will calm.


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