151. Influencer OR Influenza?

Influencers often inspire or guide the actions of others by posting about something (such as a consumer product or service) that they use or endorse based on brand partnerships. And today's episode is a sure shot response to Sue Duffield's recent "Effector" award of Top Influencer, but what she initially read was "Influenza!"

The most all-inclusive definition of an influencer is a person who has the ability to influence others. So, a politician making a speech, a business expert leading a seminar, and a celebrity endorsing a product are all technically influencers, and yes even pastors, singers and keynote speakers.

An infectious personality, like Sue, may know a lot, but an individual still needs the ability to advocate, sell and drum up enthusiasm. Influencers normally have high engagement rates with their audience (in person or on-line), taking on a hands-on approach with their people, showing great care, and always looking to serve their needs to better understand them.

So, just how important is it to be an effective influencer for the Kingdom's sake? Everything. Let Jesus shine SO much in your life that you're infectious and that you get reports of your influence - from all generations.


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