160. Faith To Believe

Faith is an extremely powerful force. And without it, we can't even begin to please God. It's purely impossible according to Hebrews 11:6. And since we're living in these crazy, challenging and even urgent times, most of us are in desperate need of an all access pass to faith. It's not surprising too, that faith without works is dead. Seriously, dead.

This episode begins with host Sue Duffield's surprising exposure to a Yamaha grand piano sale in Costco, none the less! This isn't her first time having a Holy Ghost inspired moment in a box store, but it surely will go down as another one of her sacred moments with this phenomenon called "dreams" as it defines her unique moments.

Take the time to really dream; give to others like you've never given before, and then sit back and watch what God does. This is a progressing story, happening in real time... And it's not over yet.

Check out this episode!

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